To Descendants of Mosby Rangers:


Over the last several years, it has been my distinct privilege and honor to communicate (via e-mail, phone or in person) with many descendants of Mosby Rangers. They are almost always the source of some little golden nugget about their ancestor and provide a little more paint to the only half-finished mural that is the story of the Rangers. On occasion, I have had the great joy of being able to provide some evidence to substantiate family stories that Great Great Grandpa had been a Ranger. A few times, I have also been able to give someone a photo of their ancestor that they had never seen. 


I am writing this to encourage any descendants of Mosby Rangers to contact me at just to touch base. Let me know that you are out there. I am still finding "new" information on Rangers and I may have something to share. Of course, you may very well have a wonderful wealth of information for me. Even if we have corresponded in the past, please reach out again so I can confirm your contact information and to ensure that I have the proper connection between you and "your" Ranger.


Thank you.